Aliens Are Real God Not

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Roland Emmerich y Dean Devlin nos presentaron en 1994 Stargate, una película de ciencia ficción, pero…. casualmente los Sumerios ya afirmaban que era posible hacer viajes a través de puertas estelares.

en este video se hablara sobre el tema de los anunnakis, mucho más allá de la visión del traductor de las tablillas sumerias Zecharia sitchin. A su vez, veran varios libros esenciales de otros lingüistas que han dedicado su tiempo y esfuerzo para traducir las tablillas sin interpretar ni viciar el contenido. nibiru, el oro de las minas y el verdadero aspecto de los antiguos “dioses” creadores de la humanidad.

Make Contact With Aliens

I will show you how to make Contact with Alien Space Crafts , this will scare you abit but this will show you that these Spacecrafts are real and that they are observing this little blue Planet.
Follow these steps and get prepared for a surprise.


(1) Go to a Home Hardware store and buy a Powerful Flash Light and a strong Laser Pointer, do not fool around with the Laser Pointer because it can blind you.

(2) Wait for a clear night , a night that the Stars can be seen clearly, go to a place were there isn’t too much lighting like a Park or someplace like that.

(3) Now that your at that place l want you to look for a flashing Star, a Star that’s flashy , once you found your Flashy Star use the Flash Light and signal the Star 5 times, stop, then 3 times , stop, then 5 times.
Wait for a response, if you see the Space Crafts wip around that Star you made Contact.
If you didn’t use the Laser Pointer and Flash that shiny star 5 times and move the Laser pointer around. When you do this you will get scared because of the other hidden Space Crafts that will move around very fast.

(4) If you get lucky and a space craft lands above you and you see the ET’s just say this, they will understand:

" It is the Manner and Custom when entering my space that permission be asked", then bow your head, they will ask you if they can stay, say yes and there you go, dialogue will commence, it won’t happen right away but with practice you will make Contact!.

I believe you deserve it since you are ET beings anyway, the Governments and the Cabals can kiss my Interstellar Ass!.